Cold Forged Wire Tips

The patented Revolution Cold Forged Tip allows the wire to hold a cutting edge, which may reduce thermal necrosis. Additionally, the wires are designed with a drill/flute configuration for easier insertion. In testing, the Cold Forged Tip kept a precision sharpness OVER 50 uses.

Swivel Head Wire Tensioner

The Revolution Tensioner is set up with a swivel bar that allows easy wire tensioning at any angle on the plate. The tensioner does not deviate to one side when the wire is tensioned at an angle.

Super Struts

The Revolution 180-Degree Lockable Swivel Struts give the surgeon the ability to attach one plate to another at any reasonable angle needed to fit the limb.


The Revolution n-Plate, c-Plate, j-Plate and i-Plate give the surgeon a unique, easy way to affix a frame to the limb.

Revolution Connecting Components

Standard nuts, wing nuts, spherical nuts, counter nuts, nylon insert nuts and speed nuts are designed to help the surgeon with quicker and easier frame assembly.