Dr. Lee Hlad using Metalogix Revolution External Fixation System

Dr. Lee Hlad, DPM, FACFAS and Metalogix

Another successful surgery performed by Dr. Lee Hlad, DPM, FACFAS. This was a tongue-type calc fracture which was causing tenting of the posterior lateral skin of the heel needing urgent reduction. The patient presented with hemorrhagic fracture blisters medially along tarsal tunnel and posterior skin compromise after sustaining fall from 10-12 feet. Dr. Hlad performed mini-open reduction from prone position and placed internal fixation with three screws. Static frame placed to reduce risk associated with skin issues with already forming fracture blisters medially, to protect and offload posterior heel from further decubitus pressure, but also to allow for early TTWB up to 25% weight in the post-op period for transfers. Frame was applied in prone position due to ease and rapidity of application, reducing OR time often needed to flip and re-position and prep patients. Many, many thanks, Dr. Hlad, for being a Metalogix Revolution External Fixation System champion and for thinking outside the circle. #externalfixation #calcfracture #tonguetypecalcfracture

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