Metalogix Revolution External Fixation n-Plate and i-Plate Lee M. Hlad

Open Ankle Dislocation

Many thanks to one of our champion surgeons, Dr. Lee M. Hlad, DPM, FACFAS, for thinking outside the circle and using our Revolution External Fixation System. See pre-op and post-op photos, below. For full images, please visit

In his own words:

Open ankle dislocation with large anterio-lateral laceration from MVA. Reduction performed to allow no skin tension but also to hold talus in slight diastasis and to reduce motion allowing talus to hopefully recover without AVN. Simple construct, and application in under 20 minutes: two half pins in tibia attached to i-Plate, one shantz pin in calc hooked to n-Plate. Three rapid adjust struts. Attach, reduce, tighten, done. No limitations of circles and suturing around frame made easy when thinking outside the ring.

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