Metalogix Revolution Hlad Flap

Reverse Sural Flap Case

Many thanks to one of our biggest Metalogix advocates, Dr. Lee M. Hlad, DPM, for thinking outside the circle. Check out this sural flap case he performed. For full images, please go to

In his own words:

“Tired of being confined by rings? Here a patient with a chronic sinus wound on lateral foot from calcaneal fracture with deep calc osteo. Patient has undergone serial washouts with cement placement until negative cultures have been obtained. Based on patients anatomical limitations reverse sural flap was the flap of choice. One can see the widescreen view of the flap field as well as ease one has in surgically maneuvering around Metalogix’s unparalleled open plate concept. Flap can be done without modifying the frame at all! modular struts and unique plates allow quick offloading options in prone or supine positions. For your orthoplastics offloading needs think outside the ring and maximize your working field of view.”

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