Metalogix Revolution Is It Strong Enough? Yes.

“The Metalogix Revolution System is a strong, reliable and rapid solution to a complex problem.” Dr. Lee M. Hlad

We often get the question about our Metalogix Revolution System: “Is it strong enough?” It’s a very valid question considering we are the first to provide an open-back system. The answer is a resounding yes — and I’m honored to say many surgeons using our System agree. See below. Thank you to ALL of our surgeons and reps who are choosing to Think Outside the Circle!

Thanks, Dr. Hlad, for being a strong supporter of Revolution — we appreciate you!31 y.o. male suffered open type II distal pilon fracture with segmental fibula fracture after fall from scaffolding while drywalling. Complex double laceration repaired and closed and bone reduction performed with external fixator through traction ligamentotaxis. Compartments remained soft and no fasciotomies needed. Reduction done with external fixator using rapid adjust struts and then fine tuning with gradual adjustments.

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